What website URL do you have control over where we could run tests? *

How many monthly unique visitors does your site receive? *

We ask this to gauge testing sensitivity. The more traffic you have, the less time the tests will need.

What metrics are the most important for you to optimize? *

For the metrics you mentioned before, do you know how many total conversions you are receiving each month? *

ex: 300-500 signups, 100 sales, etc.
We ask this to gauge testing sensitivity. The more conversions you get each month, the less time our tests will require (or we could also test smaller changes).
For the metrics you mentioned before, if we were to increase it relatively by 1%, do you know how much more $ it would generate to your business monthly?

We ask this to assess your ROI.
Do you have an engineering / dev team to build out the ideas we'll test? *

Reminder: you'll be responsible for doing all the dev work as part of our coaching. (If you do need help with dev, we might be able to help at an additional cost).
How many experiments (A/B tests) have you already run in the past? *

We'd like to understand your level of expertise.

Do you have any other goals or targets from our coaching?

If so, please describe them right here.
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